Life Goes On


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Aloha, lovelies.

I sort of disappeared a bit there, for which I apologize. Life took over in the craziest of ways. Glad it’s finally simmered down, though.

Writing-wise, I’m still going at it. Prepping those goodies I want to get out there soon. I do so hope you all like everything when the time comes. Continue reading

Untitled #Snippet 2


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I found myself working more on Unexpected Circumstances this morning. My Muse seems to be giving me bits and pieces of each story as I go along. It’s a weird way of writing—at least, it is for me—but I’ll take it.

Today, I started jotting down what the Muse gave me for story number three. This has no name yet either, for which I apologize. While I’m not quite sure where this is going, I confess I like its beginning, thus far. It has a melancholic and slightly bittersweet start. Continue reading

Untitled #Snippet


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My Muse is still going strong tonight. This small snippet doesn’t have a title yet. Nevertheless, I thought I’d share it with you all. Hope to have a set title for this story soon enough. Continue reading

Accidents Do Happen #Excerpt


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Please Note: I’ll  be posting the story in its entirety in the Samples section going up in just a little bit.

This is a short snippet for the first short story in the Unexpected Circumstances collection. Enjoy! Continue reading

Something I’m Working On


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It’s been a little quiet on here, for which I apologize. The good news is, I’ve been diligently working on a few things. I’ve been sorting through and getting ready everything I plan to release soon enough.

This morning, though, I was working on an edit for a client, when my Muse decided to whisper sweet-nothings in my ear. Writers and authors, you’ll all know what this is like. When the Muse speaks, we must listen. Continue reading

The Secret Keeper #Excerpt 2


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I’ve been working on quite a few things this morning, this story included. The way this scene originally played out was quite different than what you see here.

I’m liking where the Muse has taken things, however. I thought I’d share with you all the newest excerpt for this.

Enjoy! Continue reading