Forbidden Desires #Excerpt


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I haven’t really worked on much of writing this past year or so. The motivation just wasn’t there. I admit it whole-heartedly, however.

These past few weeks, though, I’ve been turning over a few ideas in my head, randomly jotting everything down. Today, I decided to open up Forbidden Desires. Continue reading


MMORPG’s And Petty Jealousies


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I’m a hardcore gamer. I always have been from an early age. I’ve almost every available game console there is out there, sans the new Nintendo 2DS/3DS‘s, the Nintendo Switch, the Playstation VR, and the XBOX One.

I spend quite a bit of time online playing MMORPG’s such as Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, and World Of Warcraft. Heck, I even play Aion Online, Lineage II, and Everquest/Everquest II on occasion. Continue reading