I’ve been mulling over all the things I want to write lately, as well as separating all the different genres. In doing so, I’ve decided to focus this author name on romance and erotica.

I tend to write whatever takes my fancy–genre-wise, but I think it’s time I focus specifically on a certain genre. Don’t want to confuse my reader’s, you know?

I know I’m still just starting out with this name, but I do think it has promise. I just have to get everything together to the point that I’ll have something worth getting published.

To do so, I’ve been focusing on taking time to write. A little here, a little there. In time, I know, it’ll add up and I’ll eventually have an entire book put together.

I just need to continuously focusing on making that time to write. Sometimes, life gets in the way, and doesn’t let me write. But when I do, I write as much as possible.

Do you do the same?