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I’ve been dilly-dallying this morning. Mind you, I haven’t gone to bed yet. That’s okay, though, since I slept most of yesterday away anyway.

I do realize that this means my sleep schedule is messed up, but that’s because I’ve been working nights these days. Not a good thing, I know, but we sometimes have to do what we do because it’s a necessity.

I’ve been sitting here creating graphics. It’s a little a hobby of mine. It feels good to just let my imagination loose and see what it comes up with. Granted, what I’ve made, thus far, isn’t ready for sharing, but I’m loving the fact that I’m creating something out of nothing.

It’s like writing. When you open up a notebook, you have no idea what’s going to come out of you. You just sit there, waiting for your muse to take over. To let you know what it has in mind. When it does, the words just fly.

To know that these worlds you’ve created come from nothing is quite exhilarating. It’s even better when you can share your creations with the world itself, something I plan on doing soon enough.