There are so many places to be these days online that it’s hard to know which media outlet to become a part of. As writers/authors, we’re encouraged to have a broad social media circle to ensure we’ve maximum exposure available for our work.

A. B. Panell is a pen name I’m using for this platform. I openly admit it. The anonymity–to some extent, of course–that using a pen name gives me allows me to do as I please. Mind you, I keep to within the proper channels whenever I use my pen name on whatever outlet I’m posting on.

I confess that I don’t have that many social media platforms open for this name right now because I’m still sorting out what I want to do. My goal is to someday have my work published under this name. To see what I create get out there.

I’m actually known within certain literary circles, but under another name. No, I won’t tell you which name it is just yet, but I promise I’ll do so once I’m ready. This is because I’m still sorting out the details and genres for this pen name. I rather like the anonymity I’ve got going on right now with this pen name. Hehe.

For the moment, I’m building each social media outlet attached to this name as I go along. It’s my goal that by the time I have several books I’m working on ready, that I’ll have a good-sized reader/fan base built. A girl can hope, right?