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I’m caught in one today. Feeling so, so restless right now. I think it’s because my sleep schedule is upside-down right now. I sleep during the day, and work until 6/7/8 in the morning.

My mind says it wants to write. My heart says it wants to do other things. And my body–all it wants to do is vegetate. It’s crazy, I know.

Doing my best to combat this by staying busy. Working on a few things for work, while also jotting down notes for new stories I’m working. My Muse hasn’t stopped feeding me tidbits since it ‘woke’ up not too long ago.

I’m hoping to curtail these random moods by getting back to a regular schedule. Working by day, and sleeping at night. Mind you, whenever I say I need to do something a certain way, things never quite work out the way I want them to. But that’s life, right?