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I’ve been watching the news these last few days. The atrocities people keep committing is crazy. The mass shooting in Orlando, the shootings in Chicago, a recent shooting spree in a Walmart, as well as a slew of other goings-on–it’s honestly mind-boggling.

Every day, I see or hear about all this craziness going on. There are so many that don’t seemed fazed about going out and killing others. These people take so much pleasure in killing, it’s surreal. And they don’t think about people’s suffering either. So much senseless death, pain, and suffering!

People are blaming guns for all this trouble, but it’s not the guns they need to be worrying about. It’s the easy access to all this stuff that people can get a hold of. The government seems to be afraid of curtailing all of these things for fear of people rebelling and causing trouble. Yet if we were to have stricter laws, most of this senselessness might have been avoided. Sure, it won’t stop people completely from getting a hold of whatever they need/want, but at least it would make it a little harder to get them.

We are truly living in such a godless world. Death, prostitution, and all other manners of filth are popping up every day. More and more, people lose themselves to such vile acts. It’s honestly crazy.

It makes me truly think about bringing a future child into this world. What will he or she have if we keep destroying what we should be trying our hardest to preserve? By then, there will be nothing left. We’ll be fighting for a world robbed of its goodness and prosperity. A world where there won’t be many of us left to preserve the memories of those around us–both living and dead. A world devoid of morals and good intentions.