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These last few days I’ve been having quite a few moments of inspiration. A good number of them seem to happen when I’m lying in bed and ready for sleep. I kid you not!

My muse seems to think it’s funny. He always waits until I’m comfortable in bed. It’s then he pounces on me and whispers sweet-nothings in my ear. It’s because of this that I’ll have either a small notebook or my note-taking software at the ready.

Last night, my muse decided that he wanted to give me a new story idea. Mind you, I was tired, so I didn’t write things down this time. Thankfully, I woke up with the idea he whispered in my ear in mind. That doesn’t often happen, though.

While I love my muse dearly, it’s cumbersome that he picks the most inopportune times to feed me bits of a story. Most often, it’s something new. Like I don’t have something to work on already, you know?

Alas, this is the life of a writer. The muse will always find a way to give us those random bursts of inspiration. Even if it means he/she will keep us awake at night until we write down or dive in to the stories they want to give us.