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I think I’ve sat on the murky sidelines, brooding for far too long. For a while, my writing stalled, and I questioned just about everything.

It wasn’t until I finished reading a friend’s book recently that reality sort of hit me in the face. My friend wrote a wonderful story where her heroine’s actions had several dire consequences. In the book, real life and fiction clashed in more ways than one. One thing, though, got me thinking.

Ever since things started changing, I’ve been brooding and waiting for things to happen. I stopped doing what I used to do in order to keep getting the word out on this or that. In my mind, I kept hoping things would change, yet I wasn’t doing much of anything to change the rut I was in.

Tonight, I realized that if we’re not willing to do everything possible to get to where we want to be, we’ll never get there. Sure, I have the urge to write, but I just wasn’t really putting focus on what mattered most. The stagnation that surrounded me was caused by none other than me. Because I stopped seeing the bigger picture. I stopped putting my hopes, dreams, and everything that mattered to the forefront, and I have no one else to blame but me.

I’ve realized I can change this. I can make it all work. I just have set my true priorities straight. I was so focused on pleasing others, I wasn’t doing so for myself. I let everything fall apart, and then bemoaned it all because I never truly picked up the reins to make it all succeed.

We have to be willing to fight for what we want. While I was willing, to some extent, I grew lax in my goals. The waiting for something, anything to happen slowed things down when it shouldn’t have been that way. Instead of doing, I stood in the shadows. I surrounded myself in the why’s and how’s, never taking into consideration the fact that I’d gotten to where I was all on my own.

But no more. That cycle ends tonight. It’s time to really focus on what I started five years ago—to write and really get myself out there. To engage with my readers and give them something to keep coming back to, something I should have been doing from the beginning.

To all of you that have been with me from the beginning, thanks for staying. To those of you who’ve just started this journey with me, stick around. There’s good things coming.

To each and every one of you, thank you from the deepest reaches of my heart.