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So I recently took down several books in preparation for the transition. I’ve been sitting here this afternoon working on one of them and thought I’d share a snippet with you all.

Mind you, this isn’t the book I plan to re-release first. The Muse, however, was being persnickety last night, and gave me the first chapter to finally write. I started writing the book backwards, you see, trying to fill in the pieces surrounding the original story I’d written. It then became something entirely different, however.

The title for this book was originally Closure. With the recent changes I’ve been making to the story, it’ll have a completely new title. I don’t know what it is yet, but I promise I’ll share it once I do. For now, it’ll retain the temporary title you see above.

The original synopsis revolved around the following: (Some of you may recognize this, and will thus recognize who I am. ::winks::)

Love is supposed to be forever. Sometimes, we’re not meant to keep it.

Ben Morgan thought he had it all—fame, fortune, a beloved wife, and a loving family. His work kept him out of the country for long stretches at a time, but he did his best to provide for those he loved. He never imagined that his being away so much would have severe repercussions. When his life starts to shatter and his wife walks away without another glance, he’s left to deal with the pain and sorrow of the choices that he’s made in the past.

This short synopsis no longer applies, however. Reason being, the story is no longer a short story, and it has completely new content. I’ll also be working on a new synopsis for this book once it’s completely finished.

I’m honestly loving the direction I’ve been taking with this story. Mostly because it’s filling in the gaps of what Closure originally started with. (If anyone of you ever want to read the original story, I’ll gladly share it with you. Just ask!)

Stay tuned for an excerpt that I’m putting together for this new story. (I’ll be posting it separately.) Hope you all like it. As always, welcome to my world. I hope you all stick around and enjoy the journey.