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Last night, I opened up a file I haven’t touched in years. This story revolves around Louis XIV, but isn’t quite historically accurate. At the time I wrote it, I wasn’t focused on making sure the details were as they should have been. I wrote it just to write it, and didn’t focus on much aside from telling the story.

Looking at it now, it’s amazing how much my writing style has changed from then to now. Back then, I wrote with a lot of Gerunds at the beginning of the sentence. There’s also the presence of a lot of adverbs, dialogue tags following every sentence, and a lot of tell versus show. Not mention words like as, that, very, etc. There are countless other things wrong with the book, but that would take forever and day to describe, so I’ll leave it at that.

My writing, back then, is appalling. I gladly admit that. I’m sitting here, mind-boggled by the fact that I didn’t take my writing seriously at the time. Mind you, I was quite young when I wrote the story in question. Reading these words, I can see that I wrote with no thought as to who would read these words someday.

I gave myself to the moment, even if I didn’t follow proper writing rules at the time. I do see that writing so long was a means for me to purge the words building up within me. I wanted to tell a story, and did so by any means necessary, even if it didn’t mesh the way it should have.

I’m honestly surprised that I shared part of this story with a few people back then. I suppose they, too, never gave thought to the proper way a story should have been written. My friends enjoyed it for what it is, and had no qualms, whatsoever with the words I’d penned.

Now, though, I can see the various ways that I can improve the story and fix what needs fixing. I’ve learned a lot throughout this journey I’ve taken, and continue to learn more as each day goes by. A writer should always work on his or her craft. There’s no telling what insights we can glean from others every step of the way.

That’s the beauty of being able to incorporate what you learn into your writing along the way. Granted, this means a writer’s style will change often, but at least he or she will always find their unique voices within all they write. In time, they’ll always be able to share their creations with the world and those around them.