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Have been up since 4 a.m. working on a few things. I thought I’d share with you all an excerpt of another story I’m working on. This is to be a Paranormal Erotic Romance.

This is was originally titled Compromise of the Soul. The series itself was named Haunted, but that will also change once I finish this book completely. Haunted has now become the title for this book, and it is no longer a prequel.

Looking back on it, the title didn’t quite fit the concept I was going for with the story. COTS was a short story that centered around Celia Waters and a man she’d loved and lost, who suddenly reappears in her life.

Since it was a short, I realize now there wasn’t much to base on the characters having a Compromise of the Soul. I set about in lengthening it and fixing a few things that needed fixing. I’m still working on it, mind you. Having a lot of fun in fleshing out the characters and adding in a little of their back story. Among other things, of course.

I hope you all enjoy the excerpt. There’s more to come, I assure you.