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I should be in bed right now, snuggled under the covers and dreaming of all those naughty things our consciences can think of every night. My eyes hurt, and my body feels weary. Yet my mind refuses to shut down and let me go to bed like I want to. Thus, I find myself sitting in front of my computer, working on quite a few things.

I thought I’d share a little snippet of what I’ve been jotting down tonight. This is a story within a story. All of you will have to figure out which is which as I share snippets along the way.

Temporarily titled This Life And The Next, this story came into being five days ago. I’m already 2,770 words in. Mind you, that’s not a lot—yet!—but that’s only because I’ve been writing this story whenever I have the time to do so. Between work (I’m an editor, primarily, who also runs her own publishing company.) and the various projects I’ve been putting together to release soon enough, it’s sometimes hard to work on the exact story I want to work on. I also have to contend with my Muse’s shifting my attention to various other projects throughout whatever I’m working on. He’s crafty like that.

For some odd reason, this story, whose snippet I’ll be sharing with you tonight/today, has been coming together in such a way that it’s caught me by surprise. It’s like the words just mesh. I’ve rarely had a story do that before. Every chance I have, I’ll open up my writing program on my phone and just type away.

It’s coming together, little by little. I must warn you, though, this isn’t the usual type of romance I’ve written in the past. It’s darker, gritty, and touches on a subject that most don’t write about. You’ll see what it is as time goes by.

Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy it. I’ll be posting the excerpt for this in a separate blog post in just a little bit.