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No, I’m not quoting Game of Thrones. Woke up mad early today. (Been up since 1 a.m.) Mind you, I didn’t go outside until about an hour and a half ago.

The heavy chill outside caught me unaware. I’ve been so used to not having to wear sweaters and jackets that the cold made my teeth chatter. Granted, winter isn’t even here yet.

If you’ve ever been to Connecticut, however, you’ll know that the cold weather in these parts starts super early in the season.You can also smell the precipitation in the air this morning.

I love snow. Love winter, too. I just don’t like driving in it.

I’m hoping this year won’t be as bad a winter. Then again, last year, the snow was barely there. With the hot summer we’ve had, though, we may or may not have lots of snow. Time will tell, I suppose.