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There are always those odd moments. I’m sure you know the kind of which I speak. When you wake up feeling great and well-rested, yet something in the background feels off. So much so, that you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

That’s where I’m at this morning. Mind you, I’ve been up since midnight. Spent the past few hours curled up in bed catching up on a little reading. Had an early breakfast that made me feel invigorated not too long ago, but things don’t feel up to par yet, thus far.

I’ve been mulling over as to why things feels so odd to me this morning. Mind you, I haven’t figured out what it is yet. I suppose this means it’s going to be one of those days, but I’m honestly up for whatever is headed my way. Let’s hope it won’t be a bad day.

::crosses fingers and slinks into her little corner::

Have a good one, lovelies. Whatever you do, make it count!