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It’s astounding when you wake up one day and realize just how much your life has changed. That happened to me this morning. I’m sitting here, typing this, and pondering everything I’ve been going through these past few months. Heck, this past year, because on October 29th, it’ll officially be a year since I found my way back to all things God. Mind-boggling, I know.

I remember that night so clearly. How I sat in front of my computer and randomly decided I’d listen to a Christian song, something I hadn’t done much during the fifteen years before that moment. I’d been listening to Samuel Hernandez’s song, “Levanto Mis Manos.”

That night, I heard a voice speak to me through that song. Mind you, words the voice said to me aren’t found in the song itself. Trust me, I’ve searched and searched, trying to find the version of the song to which the words I heard were sung. To this day, I haven’t found it.

That’s how I realized God was speaking to me, then and there. Since then, I’ve been doing my best to live life the way it should be lived according to God’s teachings. I spent a lot of time prior that point in my life being angry at God and doing things I shouldn’t have. Things I always thought didn’t merit God’s mercy.

I’m grateful for the second chance I’ve been given. In all honesty, I’m not sure where I’d be right now if He hadn’t spoken to me. Though things aren’t always so hunky-dory, I’ve learned to accept things as they are. I’ve learned to be grateful of what I have and to accept what cannot be. Most of all, I’m no longer angry at God or the world around me.