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It’s been a little quiet on here, for which I apologize. The good news is, I’ve been diligently working on a few things. I’ve been sorting through and getting ready everything I plan to release soon enough.

This morning, though, I was working on an edit for a client, when my Muse decided to whisper sweet-nothings in my ear. Writers and authors, you’ll all know what this is like. When the Muse speaks, we must listen.

I gave the Muse sway and started jotting down what it was whispering in my ear. To my surprise, a new idea and short story was born.

The idea is a series of short stories that deal with unexpected happenstances. The series’ name is Unexpected Circumstances. How many stories this series will entail, it’s hard to say, but I do know it’ll be a good many.

I’ve decided to offer up each story freely via this blog/Wattpad. The exact date of each posting remains to be seen, as my writing is often all over. I do so hope you’ll enjoy each story as I share them, however.

The good news is, the first story is done and ready to be posted. I plan to have it up later on today. If all goes as planned, of course. If not, it’ll be up some time tomorrow.

For now, I’ll leave you with these little goodies.

Please Note: This summary is still a work in progress.

What would you do if something unexpected crossed your path? Would you run away? Or would you take the chance and let fate have its way?