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I was reading something I posted recently and noticed something that didn’t pop up off the bat before. A word written within was not quite the proper word that should have been used. Mind you, in my head, I knew what I wanted to say. Just my fingers have a habit of typing words without my really concentrating on them.

It dawned on me that I get these two words confused when writing. Whereas I should be writing the word, rein, my hands will most often type the word, reign. Both are similar in letters, but they have totally different meanings. Rein means to direct or control, and reign means the period when a monarch rules.

I’m not sure why I always mess up in typing these two words. Like with what I shared yesterday, I saw this morning that I wrote reign. My mind immediately focused on that small blunder. Sadly, I can’t change it in the image I shared, but I did update the template the poem was on.

I feel mind-boggled, though. Why do I always lean towards typing reign when rein should be the word at the top of my mind? I guess it’s one of those little quirks we all have when writing. This, it seems, is mine.